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Come And Discover Costa Rica

Offer and Service Real Estate Costa Rica

Offer and Service Real Estate Costa Rica

Offer and Service

Offer Real Estate

Offer and Service Real Estate Costa Rica

Read our Reviews or talk to customers of us and you will understand that we are not just selling. Our target is to give you a great experience so you tell your family and friends.

Our Offer and Service includes an unique Eco Project in this Real Estate in Costa Rica with 100% Privacy. We do everything possible to make sure you tell your friends about this amazing place. All this combined with the view, nature you will have will give you the good feeling of knowing you did your best decision in Life.

Business Model

Service after you buy

Right now we offer 3 different Construction Line with 12 different house and Villa Model.

You have also the Option that you send us a Picture of your Dream Home and we do the Plans. In case you have the Plans even better but no problem with that part if not.

Due to the fact that we are offering only Lot of 5.000m2 (1 acre +) the price for smaller Houses (Bambu and Eco Line) are on the higher Level. In the other hand we offer the bigger Houses and Villas (Lux Line) at very low prices. Compare them with the prices in the US or Europe and you will see that they are around 1/3. So what you are waiting? Get your dream Villa in 1 of ONLY 5 Blue Zones in the World for an Amazing Price.

In Latinamerica and also other places in the world you pay at the end 20-30% more than been told. Our Offer and Service includes key turn contracts.  You have piece in mind and if we did y mistake on the calculation, than this will be paid out of our margin and not your pocket.