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We at BELLEVUE have right now more than 16 different house and Villa Models. This is our BELLEVUE BEACH WALK LOT Models:


First of all, this price includes a Beach Walk Lot of 808m2 (almost 1/4 acre) and the house:

CHIQUITA has 66m2, 713 square feet, 1 Bedroom

VENADO has 80m2, 864 square feet, 1 Bedroom

SAMARA has 86m2, 926 square feet, 2 Bedroom

AKIRA has 96m2, 1.034 square feet, 1 Bedroom

Beach Walk Lot houses starting at $ 99.000 Costa Rica Real Estate

Compare this next houses which include as well a Beach Walk Lot of 808m2 (almost 1/4 acre) and the house:

PINILLA has 110m2, 1.184 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

COLIBRI has 106m2, 1.141 square feet, 2 Bedrooms, AND 1 Pool

BREEZE has 113m2, 1.217 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

PLAYA has 139m2, 1.496 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

Some words of the Project Owner

These are some of our smallest houses we offer in this Real Estate in Costa Rica. Perfect to build together with your main house to have it as a Guest House in Costa Rica or just as your little vacation escape home.

Beach Walk Lot houses Costa Rica Real Estate

Finally, these houses are in very high quality and the price includes a Beach Walk Lot of 800m2 (almost 1/4 acre) and the house:

COLINA has 122m2, 1.313 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

CUANTUM has 139m2, 1.499 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

ARÓN has 220m2, 2.368 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

DEVIN has 280m2, 3.014 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

Beach walk lots 3 Costa Rica

UPGRADE Your Beach Walk Lot

Upgrade Costa Rica

Looking for another Style or Budget? You want instead a Beach Walk lot a breathtaking Ocean View Lot?

Certainly, these houses are in an outstanding Luxury Quality which you will not find anywhere at this price includes a Lot with Ocean View to famous Isla Tortuga in Costa Rica of 5.000m2 (1.24 acre +) and last but not least a pool. Come and visit us and we show you the ones we built so you can have a look and convince you personally what we are able creating for you.

Check our Lux Line

Bellevue Lux Line Costa Rica Real Estate

Do you have your own Dream Home? Send us a picture and in case you do not have the construction plans no problem we will make them. First of all, we just need the square meters or square feet the House has and the construction type to make you an offer. While this is the first offer so you know approximately where we are, we will work together all de details to get finally the end amount. 

Or get a fast overview of our Instagram Page to find your Guest House in Costa Rica

Own Your Costa Rica Vacation Home At 1/3 The Cost and get 10% Net Rental Income!

Purchase with a Friend (or Two) and Share the Time Over the Year!

Above all, we guarantee to the first 5 buyers 10% Net Income on the rentals. This as a result of our personal commitment experiencing while the rental market is increasing and increasing. This as a result of the amazing nature, people, things to do in the area.

Check for more details Investing with Friends to buy a Beach Walk Lot House or even a Luxury House.