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Costa Rica Real Estate Home Design at Bellevue Isla Tortuga:

Standard Contract Price: US $299,000 incl. 808 sqm (approx. 1/4 acre) Beach Walk Lot (optional financing available)

House specifications:

This particular model has a built area of 220 sqm/2,368 square feet. The Bellevue Aron includes 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms Build time is 8 months to complete with no change orders or custom design.

Bellevue Aron Beach walk lot

Bellevue Aron Beach walk lot living room
Bellevue Aron beach walk lot kitchen
Bellevue Aron beach walk lot living room 2

The Bellevue ARÓN is proudly built with a proven Eco Real Estate Developer. The Nicoya Peninsula area is One of Five Known Blue Zones in the World. We develop with an Eco strategy that aims to preserve the natural surroundings and habitat. Our Beach Walk Lots are 800m2 (almost 1/4 acre) and part of our Gated Community with paved roads and underground wiring for maximum enjoyment and accessibility.

Upgrades offered:

Upgrade Costa Rica

choose your lot at Bellevue Isla Tortuga

Own Your Costa Rica Vacation Home At 1/3 The Cost!

Purchase with a Friend (or Two) and Share the Time Over the Year!

Check for more details at Investing with Friends, an option to Share the Expenses and Share the Rental Income.

*Guaranteed 10% Net Income for three years when you build your investment home and enroll in our stress-free rental program.


Ocean 2, each owner owns 50% of the shares which includes the property, the house, and the pool. Bellevue COLIBRI is the perfect model for this objective for a total of US$ 79.500 for each buyer.

Ocean 4, each owner owns 25% of the shares which includes the property, the house, and the pool. Bellevue Marbella is the perfect model for this objective for a total of US$ 155.000 for each buyer. 

*The above are example suggestive Investments where you can rent your place get 12% rental income in our rental program:

The HOA monthly fee of US$ 150 protects your investment while generating a very attractive additional income. As a member of the HOA you have access to purchase all of the maintenance services provided to the community. You are also able to manage the rental yourself OR select our property management for a low 15% fee of the rental income. When you choose to manage through us, we guarantee the first five completed, enrolled rental homes a 10% net income for the first 3 years!


As a result of a very good and well developed relationship we have with our customers, we welcome you to talk with them personally. You will hear a first hand about the services you can expect in our Bellevue Isla Tortuga Real Estate development in Costa Rica. The community that is developing will be the envy of the area with its unbelievable views, home designs, quality construction and exemplary customer service.

We do only Turn Key contracts, why?

It is not an uncommon experience paying 20-30% more when building a home due to construction costs varying from initiation to completion. We pride ourselves on being a company that gives you peace of mind when you purchase a new home construction in Bellevue Isla Tortuga, Costa Rica. We will never surprise you with undisclosed costs beyond your agreed upon price in your Costa Rica real estate purchase with Bellevue.

What happens if we make a Calculation error?

Finally, I have been asked about costs for errors in calculations from our Swiss Clients who are building currently. I want to assure all of our home buyers that if we make an error in calculating the costs of your contracted Costa Rica real estate purchase at Bellevue Isla Tortuga, we will absorb miscalculation costs from our margin. We will never expect or request you to pay for the mistake. You an have a peace of mind when building and living in our community, which is always one of our top priorities.

Financing Options

To visit our community, discuss your real estate and dream home options, as well as financing options, please contact us by e-mail or our contact form.  Preview our brochure for an overview of our community.