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US$ 179,000 incl. 808 sqm (almost 1/4 acre), Beach Walk Lot for this House BELLEVUE COLINA.

House specifications of BELLEVUE CHIQUITA

Built area — 122 sqm  / 1.313 square feet
Bedroom — 3
Bathroom — 3
Construction time — 7 months

Bellevue Colina Beach walk lot
Bellevue Colina Beach walk lot kitchen living room

Bellevue COLINA: Eco Real Estate Developer in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, One of Five Known Blue Zones in the World! 
Beach Walk Lots are 800m2 (almost 1/4 acre), Gated Community.


Upgrade Costa Rica

choose your lot at Bellevue Isla Tortuga

Own Your Costa Rica Vacation Home At 1/3 The Cost!

Purchase with a Friend (or Two) and Share the Time Over the Year!

Check for more details Investing with Friends, Share the Expenses and Share the Rental Income. Earn 12% on Rental Income. 

*Guarantee 10% Net Income for the Next Three Years. 

Ocean 2, each owner owns 50% of the shares which includes the property, the house, and the pool. Bellevue COLIBRI including a pool for a total of 
US$ 79.500 for each buyer.

Ocean 4, each owner owns 25% of the shares Bellevue MARBELLA for example, could be shared costing each owner US$ 155.000. 

*Investment, rent your place get 12% rental income:
This covers your HOA/Gated Community monthly fee of US$ 150 while generating a very attractive additional income. You can manage the rental yourself OR we manage everything for you for a low 15% management fee of the rental income. Managed through us we guarantee the first five buyers a 10% net income for the next 3 years!


As a result of the very good Relation Ship we have with our Customers, you are more than welcome to talk to them. So you get a very personal information on what kind of top level services you can expect in this Real Estate in Costa Rica.

We do only Turn Key contracts, why?

However while in Latin America and different other places in the world it is very common to pay 20-30% more. Yes, talk to your friends and you will get this confirmed. So talk to our Customers and they will tell you the opposite. When it comes buying Real Estate in Costa Rica or where else during the construction process prices for this and that went up. We want to give you the peace of mind and the amount we agreed in the contract is the amount you will pay.

What happens if we make a Calculation error?

Finally, I have been asked this from our Swiss Clients who are building right now. As a result of such a very unhappily case we will learn it in a hard way. Yes, in such a case we will pay it from our margin and for sure not you from your pocket. This is how we do business in this Eco Real Estate Project in Costa Rica building Bellevue Akira or another house. Therefore you have a piece in mind which is priority.

Financing Options

For any individual building ideas please contact us by e-mail or our contact form.