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Brochure 2021 Bellevue Isla Tortuga

Brochure 2021 Bellevue Isla Tortuga


Find here our beautiful brand new Brochure 2020 for our Project in Bellevue Isla Tortuga including the new Yoga Retreat and Dive Center.

Firstly, this is not just a place in wonderful Costa Rica. Secondly, the biodiversity is amazing and secondly, this is one of the safest places if not the safest in Costa Rica. This Brochure 2019 of Bellevue Isla Tortuga will give you a first impression of the place and when you come to visit, be ready to just fall in love and stay.

We are an Eco Real Estate Developer in Costa Rica Nicoya Peninsula, One of Five Known Blue Zones in the World! 😍 The Lots are 5.000m2+ (1.24 acre +) = 100% privacy and to protect Nature. Our commitment to finding a balance between doing such a Project and the nature surrounding this place is very high. We installed all the electricity infrastructure underground knowing perfectly that this will cost us 4-5 times more.

We at BELLEVUE have right now 16 different house and Villa Model.


CHIQUITA has 66m2, 713 square feet, 1 Bedroom

VENADO has 80m2, 864 square feet, 1 Bedroom

SAMARA has 86m2, 926 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

AKIRA has 96m2, 1.034 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

PINILLA has 110m2, 1.184 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

COLIBRI has 106m2, 1.141 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

BREEZE has 113m2, 1.217 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

PLAYA has 139m2, 1.499 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

COLINA has 122m2, 1.313 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

CUANTUM has 139m2, 1.499 square feet, 2 or 3 Bedrooms

ARĂ“N has 220m2, 2.368 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

DEVIN has 280m2, 3.014 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

The price includes a Beach Walk Lot of 800m2+ (almost 1/4 acre) without Sea View



MARBELLA has 300m2, 3.299 square feet, 2 Bedrooms

ALGERIA has 367m2, 3.950 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

DELIRIUM has 509m2, 5.478 square feet, 2 or 3 Bedrooms

MIRADOR has 718m2, 7.728 square feet, 3 Bedrooms

The price includes a Lot with Sea View of 5.000m2+ (1.24 acre +) and a pool

View Bellevue Isla Tortuga
View Bellevue Isla Tortuga from Lot no 14

In case you are looking more south, you will find here our Brochure for our Eco Project Bellevue Mal Pais Cabuya Santa Teresa.