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Come And Discover Costa Rica

Switzerland of Latinamerica

Switzerland of Latinamerica

Costa Rica Switzerland of Latin America

So why is Costa Rica the Switzerland of Latin America?


Here some facts:

Since 1949 Costa Rica opted for abolishing the army.

The Costa Rica territory is relatively small. It has only 10,000 sq. km (a little bit bigger than Switzerland) and enjoys political stability in a solid democracy.

Costa Rica has the lowest poverty index in all of Latin America.

It is one of the safest countries in Latin America.

In the last 3 years, Airlines are offering 6 new direct flies from  Europe and 10 new ones from the US and Canda.

Costa Rica can be divided into 12 climatic regions, although there are plenty of micro climates within each of these. The Central Valley – home to the capital, San Jose – has unique weather. Like in Switzerland you can drive for just 2 hours and will arrive at a completely different climatic zone. This is unique as both countries are very small and you can repeat this just going to a different part of the Country. 

The combination of being such a safe country, political stability in a solid democracy and the fact of the very different climatic regions is probably the main reasons why Costa Rica is the Switzerland of Latin America.


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Costa Rica Switzerland of Latin America